Engineering-to-Own-the-Space…a Best Practice Innovation Strategy

Engineering to Own the SpaceSM is a forward looking innovation and invention strategy. The objective of this strategy is to develop a proprietary position in target user/consumer benefit areas: instead of inventing just a new product, invent a new product space.

This invention strategy supports forward looking and commercially valuable patent strategies, by expanding the scope of innovation around specific inventions to gain broader patent protection and to inhibit “fast follow” by competition: instead of patenting to protect an invention, patent to protect the business area.

Key ANALYSIS steps in Engineering to Own the Space:

  • Gaps Assessment…..Detect vulnerabilities in existing intellectual property folios, focusing on linkages between IP and expected basis of commercial competitiveness
  • Cross-DomainSM Audit…..Identify context-shift possibilities for specific innovations and technologies (yours or others), developed for use in one industry or application that can be re-directed to your target markets and applications
  • Own-the-Space Audit….. Identify the larger pool of innovations and technologies (patented or public domain; yours or others), all of which could functionally satisfy the high value market need you’ve targeted
  • “Design-Around”…..Develop alternative technical paths to the same functionality, all of which could functionally satisfy the high value market need you’ve targeted

These key analysis steps produce some powerful results, including revealing:

    • “Holes” in patents that might allow competitors to innovate outside the protection of your patents
    • Existing functionally equivalent inventions that have gone unnoticed because the underlying IP was developed in/for completely different end-use applications
    • Novel technical paths to the same, or similar, end result as your original innovation



Use of Engineering to Own the Space (ETOSSM) has helped numerous businesses build value, from technology start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.  Interested in finding out how ETOS can help you, too?  Contact us at

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