Marketing Technology? What Your Prospects Want to Know

Seems as if everyone is marketing technology these days. Start-ups, mid-sized companies, inventors, individual entrepreneurs, major global corporations…all of them are promoting new technologies. But, when it comes to moving their prospective customers down the “awareness, consideration, preference, sale” funnel, many marketers are stalled even before they start!

Before you start preparing your marketing presentation, consider these 5 key facts your prospects want to know about your technology:

  1. What are you selling? An idea? A product? A technology? A development or commercialization collaboration?
  2. What does it do? Prospects don’t buy ideas or products or technologies or collaborations…they buy what these things DO! And they are most interested in what these things DO for THEM!
  3. Do any other companies provide what you’re selling? If so, your prospects need to know how you are different and better, in ways that are meaningful to them.
  4. How do you know what you’re selling works? And how do you know your offering is better than any competitor’s offering that might offer the same functionality? Said another way: who has validated your claims and how?
  5. What is the value of your offering to your prospect? Reduced cost? Better performance? Easier to manufacture? Long life? Simple servicing? Understand what’s valuable to your prospect and direct your answer accordingly.

Use the above 5-point guide not only to prepare your marketing presentation but also to identify the prospects with genuine need for and interest in what you’re offering.

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